Willi's Boot Camp graduation

Taking the Oath January 30, 1939: "I swear loyalty and obedience to Führer, Reich and Fatherland." Willi is in center on the left.

Followed by parading before the airfield Commander at Straubing. Willi said, "After a few weeks of Boot Camp, we were able to march, salute according to the Prussian drill order of Gen. Gneisenau (1812), in front of the hangar at the airfield in Straubing."

Note: Zoom in on these pages to see the details; that's why I kept them as pdf's.

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Interviews and discussions with Wilhelm Kriessmann conducted by Carolyn Yeager for "The Heretics' Hour" between March 2010 and November 2011.


Pages from Willi's and Trude's scrapbooks, presented as PDF's so you can enlarge the pages for more detailed viewing of the photographs.

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